Friday, July 9, 2010

Mister Mister

I finally met Mr North last night, after 3 weeks of emails and phone calls.  I got the feeling earlier this week on one of our phone calls that this man is not the man, and although we had a nice time chatting over iced tea, at our parting I let him know I had concerns.  It's only fair to him to be up-front about my feelings or lack of them.  First it's the distance.  He lives an hour away from me.  Second, and this I haven't mentioned yet; it's Mr. East (who actually lives a little west of me).  We've been emailing  for a week and spoke last night.  For 2 hours.  I'll meet him this weekend, but this one feels really good so far.  Better than I've felt in a long time about meeting a new guy.

I sense another sewing project coming on.  Last summer I made a bedspread out of shirts from the Salvation Army with a water proof layer in the middle and a cheap sheet for backing.  It works swimmingly to protect my clean bed from muddy doggy feets.  But for the last month I've had a tickle in the back of my head.  I want to make another waterproof bedspread.  A bigger one with a higher quality backing and made from brown-ish shirts instead of blue ones.  An excuse to go see what the Salvation Army's got on the racks these days!

But I really shouldn't be lusting after a sewing project when I have these monster things to deal with! I didn't realize until I cropped this shot that they're sitting on an article about "jumbo" something or other.  I like squash OK, but need to spend some serious time looking up squash recipes.  There are no universes where I can eat all of this (an excuse to have Mr East over for dinner maybe?). Apparently squash likes the heat, because all of this just happened in the last week!  Next week I'm bringing some to the office with a sign saying, "Take me."

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  1. Do you like zucchini bread? You can use a lot of them grated for that. You can then either freeze the loaves of zucchini bread (for Christmas gifts?) or freeze just the grated squash and make the bread in the winter time.