Sunday, September 5, 2010

Back to Two

I just hit send on the email telling the rescue organization that I'll be bringing Percy back.  I wasn't looking forward to picking him up yesterday.  I think something's changed and I really don't want a third dog any more.  I just had to go through the exercise with Bo and Percy before I realized it. 

Actually, ever since the goats died, a few things have changed that I didn't really realize.  I began to get it when I looked at the prospect of a long weekend alone on the mountain, something that would have thrilled me before.  I don't want to be alone.  I normally thoroughly enjoy solitude, but now something's different.  I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but I don't feel like examining it right now and since I'm the ruler in my world, I say I don't have to.

Firefighter stuff can be as time-consuming as I want it to be.  I helped someone move yesterday and that took most of the day, before picking up Percy.  Thankfully I'm near the city and there's plenty of stuff going on there.  Maybe this feeling of wanting to be around people will go away and maybe it won't.  It's fine either way.


  1. You know what, Jordan? You're gonna be just fine.

    So many people are miserable but don't have the inner strength and intelligence as you do to go within and figure out why they are miserable, or unhappy, or upset, or just feeling not-quite-right.

    If you listed all the changes in your life and what you've gone through in the past couple of years, I'm betting your score on the "stress test" would be off the paper.

    Whatever decisions you make will be okay, because you are a person who is willing to change while always striving for the better rather than living that (wasteful) life of quiet desperation.

    I think we have to go through uncomfortable phases before getting to a better one.

    P.S. Any manly, single, volunteer firemen out there? :o)

  2. You should not be allowed to adopt rescue dogs. You are not the kind of person who can give a rescue dog a good life. You are selfish, self-absorbed and indifferent to the well-being of these poor animals. You don't give a shit about how these animals feel -- you don't give a shit about how hard it is for dogs to be taken home and then given back. Stop it.

  3. Jordan,
    You are right to just go with the flow. I love that line "I'm the ruler in my world, and I say I don't have to". You will know when it is right to sit and really analyze it all. Keeping you in my prayers.

    And to the person who can't even back up their nasty comments with a name....Better that she take the dog back if it isn't a fit for her life, and the animals she already has, than to keep it. You are mean and spiteful. Go away.

    Sorry Jordan, just had to

  4. Thanks Stephanie (grin). It's funny how people just parachute in from thin air in Illinois, read only the last 2 posts and nothing else, never read my blog before and write a nasty comment and call me names. It must be a new form of recreation. She/he doesn't know that the 2 dogs I have are rescue dogs with pretty darn good lives now and must not know (or care) that Percy is currently being boarded at a vet because none of the foster homes can keep him, so a night away was probably good for him. I'm guessing the commenter isn't the Dog Whisperer so I'll venture that she/he has no idea what's hard for dogs and not hard for dogs - she/he didn't see how happy-go-lucky Percy is, even happy going back to the vet. Since the commenter has never read my blog before, they don't know that I have a cat (rescue) and chickens and I have to balance the well-being of all of them. The commenter is just being a turd.

  5. Whoa! Anonymous above doesn't know SQUAT of what he/she speaks! (All the more kudos to you, Jordan, for even publishing his/her ignorant, stoopid comment.)

    I sure hope you took MY comment about the Percy situation the way I meant it. I in no way meant that you were getting another dog for your own benefit. What I was trying to say was that you shouldn't feel guilty (is that the word?) about not providing Maggie with another young(er) playmate. Methinks she has a wonderful, happy life as is with you and Desmond and cat and chickens and wonderful little homestead. Having said that, come the time when dear ol' Desmond isn't around, I would (personally) probably get her a new, young companion.

  6. No worries, Mama Pea! I think I took it the way you meant it - you were being supportive, as you usually are!