Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cherry Time

I've been running around so much, I almost missed cherry season.  Last year they tasted like nothing and were mealy.  This year they're still mealy, but definitely taste like pie cherries!  They're still small, too.  I  picked a bowl-ful, will pit them and decide what to do with them.  I could make 1/3 of a pie!

(this space is for the picture I can't upload.  Blogger has changed picture uploading and it doesn't work.)

Deciding what to do with the cherries reminds me that wise people advise to preserve stuff that you eat.  Interesting to remember this as three flavors of home-made ice cream sit in the freezer.  I was so excited to make yummy ice cream when it was hot that I forgot I'm not much of an ice cream eater. I canned 6 pints of tomatoes earlier this week.   That's more than I use in a year.  I've got another basket full of tomatoes and am thinking of making salsa, which I use more than I use tomato sauce.  Now - what to do with those cherries??

[edit:  This is extremely weird. These cherries don't have pits.  They have seeds.  It's like the pit is 4 sections.  Is that even possible?  Are these maybe not cherries at all?  Maybe some kind of buckthorn?  Geez - I'm going to have to take and post pictures of these little trees all over again.]


  1. Cherry season is typically earlier in the summer....but then again, you are up on the mountain...hmmmm

  2. Cherry season ended quit a while ago, I'd be interested to take a look at the picture you took of the fruits.