Monday, September 27, 2010


Amazing how these questions can be so consuming!  Don't ask me how much work I got done at work today.

Now I think they're crabapple trees, not cherry trees.  Kinda fits with the ripening timeframe.  They're not wild, unless wild crabapples plant themselves in a straight line about 10 feet apart from each other.  That's as far as I'm gonna go on these trees, too many crabapple variants make a more solid identification of these unlikely.

Blossoms opening, Spring, 2009


  1. I commented on your last post so I won't say too much here, but you have Hawthorn trees. The leaves are not crabapple as they're lobed and lightly serrated. Crabapple trees have oval leaves.

  2. I looked at Hawthorn first, and thought that they all had thorns, which my tree does not (I don't think, I'll have to check tomorrow am).

    But lookit this link, malus sargentii:

    There are crabapples that have three-lobed leaves. Everything fits, including the shortness of it.