Saturday, September 4, 2010

Heere's Percy

Percy is my latest attempt to get a playmate for Maggie.  This dog is worse than the last one.  In constant motion, destructive, escape artist.  Puppy stuff, except he's probably 80 pounds.  I've had him for about 3 hours and I'm plotting how soon I can give him back.  He's probably trainable - he didn't know his name 3 hours ago and he's got that now.  I just don't know if I'm willing to be that person who's life and possessions are turned upside down for some unknown period of time.  When firefighter training starts next week, I'll be away from the house at least 2 evenings a week, meaning I won't be able to be home as much as I think this dog needs.  Am I talking myself out of this dog?  Yes.  I'm beginning to think that deep down inside I don't really want a third dog.  Definitely not a rescue dog and probably not a puppy.

I'm not on a date tonight with Mr Vermont because we ended up getting together last night.  Much better than I expected, one of the best first dates ever, but not likely to turn into anything.  I'm OK with that; 90 minutes of driving to see someone is too much for me.  It gives me hope that there are people out there who are fun to talk to and spend time with.  I'm still seriously thinking of taking a break from internet dating - thinking about how much time spent on this feels like work and not fun and how much of my life is consumed by things I don't enjoy.  I really want to think about getting more fun in my life and less work.


  1. Regarding getting a dog as playmate/companion for Maggie? I remember reading somewhere that when we get a second dog to keep our first dog company, it's usually because we THINK the first dog wants company. But in reality, the first dog couldn't care less about having a second dog around. True? I dunno, but it's something to think about. And Maggie does have Desmond even though he might not be as much fun as a barrel of monkeys.

    I think you should listen to your own feelings on perhaps letting the "dating game" go for a while. How can something good come from it if it feels like a chore or something you don't really feel like doing?

  2. what happened to the meet/get togethers that you were doing for awhile?? I can't remember what you called them, but you would go online and then go to these things and do a planned activity??? Do those not have appeal to you anymore? More bother than they are worth??

  3. Hee Hee Mama Pea - I DO have this tiny hope that in firefighter training there'll be this nice guy that's into opinionated homesteader types.

    Karen Sue - it's called They're still around. I thought it was fun, but haven't made time lately to get out with them. I will definitely hook up with them again.