Thursday, September 16, 2010

The High, the Medium and the Low

You could fill a full-size shipping container with all the magazines I've subscribed to over the years.  Growing up was Smithsonian and National Geographic.  Later it was Glamour, Vogue, Dwell, and Metropolis.  Then all those plus W.  Then Newsweek and the New Yorker when I was hurting for culture in South Carolina.  For the dollar spent, magazines are far and away the cheapest way to get information.  As my attention span has gotten shorter making full-size books less interesting, magazines fit the bill there too.

It was a simple matter when I moved to the hills to find a few magazines to subscribe to.  I get Organic Gardening, Countryside, Hobby Farmer, and a few newspapery periodicals through NOFA, the Northeast Organic Farmer's Association.  I get Newsweek and the New Yorker weekly and the Wall Street Journal daily.  Plenty to read.  I recently realized that I don't really read the homesteady journals (let's call them the "high" because they reach to the highest part of why I'm here in the hills).  I flip through them and stack them. 

I do read the "medium" periodicals like Newsweek and the WSJ, and sometimes the New Yorker, if I have time.  But what I didn't have, until recently, was a "low" magazine.  That's the one that I'm embarrassed to tell people I subscribe to, but when it arrives I enjoy taking time out to read it cover to cover.  It's like candy.  I missed one of my old favorites, resubscribed, and now I've got the whole spectrum covered, from high to low.

What's the old favorite?  It's Glamour magazine.  Not brag-worthy, I know, for a wanna-be homesteader.  But I do enjoy it!


  1. I got Glamour for years, but when my kids got big enough to read the cover...and the inside...I thought perhaps I'd drop it for awhile. Now it sorta of seems like it's too late!! ENJOY IT!! for both of us!!

  2. My guilty pleasure is 'Us' although I can only afford a subscription when I ask for it as a
    Christmas present! :)