Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sunday Project

When I don't have a project planned for Sunday, I start the day with breakfast and the WSJ, and wait for inspiration to strike.  The other day, I found myself taking off the molding below the window sill to see what was underneath.  Good thing I did!  There's nothing underneath, besides shims.  Nothing stopping wind from coming into the house through the sizeable cracks.  Aah - so that's why I still felt a breeze, even though I had fancy plastic storm windows resting on the sills inside all the windows!  There's insulation in the walls (I checked that already), but these wide open gaps and spaces make it seem like there's no protection at all.

With a handy tube of silicone caulk, the gap was filled in no time.  I caulked a few windows, too, while I had the tube and the gun out.

See that piece of angled dowel?  That was one of last year's big improvements.  A piece of wood to hold the windows closed.  You laugh, but you shoulda been here with me watching the windows fall open over and over, my first winter here.  Especially when it was zero outside and wind was ripping plastic off the windows.  The plastic was inside.  Yup.  Not fun.

The propa fix is replacement windows, I'm guessing.  But it's lots of caulk that will get me through this winter.  And, guess what?  My company makes the stuff.  The tube you see in the window is one we couldn't sell because the label is crooked (or some other silly thing makes it unsell-able).  If our company was public, I'd  buy stock!

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