Saturday, September 25, 2010

Festival Weekend

There's a bunch going on in the small city this weekend.  Last night was Troy Night Out and a football game between my local high school team and my boss's son's team.  Today is the Lark Street Festival, an ethnic festival in Troy's Little Italy, and a Greek festival at a Greek church somewhere.  This is on top of a balloon festival in Glens Falls and a ton of other stuff.

I haven't gone to any of it ... yet.  I was going to come home, feed the beasts and head out last night, but I was tired when I came home after a long week of running around.  And here I am, still tired late this morning.  I enjoy street festivals, but it's hard to justify 45 minutes each way of driving when there's nobody to meet at the other end.  Ah well - to force myself to get off my substantial duff I have to give myself an assigment.  Go downtown and buy myself a gyro for dinner.  I'll let you know how it goes.

My computer essploded the other day.  Actually, it kind of dribbled.  First one screw loosened and fell out, then two others.  I'd been pretty happy with Dell for the last 15 years or so, and had bought all my computers and laptops from them (and recommended same to family).  But this last one, bought in Jan 2009 was step change worse than earlier ones, confirmed by WSJ articles about Dell quality degrading.  Now I'm back to my old laptop - the one that I've had since 2006 - the one that went across the country twice and around the world with me.  Still works fine, even though the comma key doesn't work and the space key works too much. Not sure if I'm going to do nothing, repair the new one, or buy a cheap netbook, but I do know I'm moving away from Dell.

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