Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday was Apple Day

Many Sundays I start the day unsure of where the day will take me.  I eat breakfast, push through the last of last week's Wall Street Journals, piss around a bit.  Then something seizes me and I'm off on a project.  I had multiple options yesterday.  Finish painting the woodshed.  Move wood into the woodshed.  Caulk the shedbarn. Take out and re-place the window in the sliding shed door, caulk and re-paint it.  Reglaze windows on the house.  Start tightening up the house for winter.  But first, since it was cool, I put dough materials into the breadmaker and chose a recipe for apple breakfast cake.  While the dough percolated, I moved some wood into the woodshed and finished cutting the grass.

I went out to pick up fallen apples from the cooking apple tree, brought them in and peeled one and had a piece.  I don't remember ever tasting a better apple. A sweet, complex flavor with a teeny bit of tartness at the end.  I made the bread filling with the apples, some raisins, brown sugar, nutmeg and ginger (instead of the cardamom the recipe called for that I don't have).  It was heavenly.  And that's when yesterday's project seized me.

I picked (up) more apples and made an apple pie.  Then I picked more apples and made an apple-sausage-cheese pie on phyllo dough because I ran out of pie crusts.  Then I ran out of time.  Peeling and cutting away bad parts is pretty time consuming!  I'm really thankful for the cold, spitty day that was yesterday, because now I have enough food put away to last me the rest of the week.  I'll need it too - fire stuff will consume most weekday evenings this week, and all day Saturday. 

I went on my first call over the weekend!  A 2am EMS call where I sped down to the station, rode the ambulance, and then stood around in the background as about 5 people took care of the patient. A frequent flier who had stabbed herself on purpose while drunk.


  1. It's perfect apple weather, isn't it? Sounds like you were much more productive than I was yesterday! Pretty exciting stuff, this fire/emt business. I think I would have preferred to be in the background on that one.

  2. It sounds like you could use one of those "Rotato" peelers that were advertised several years ago. Oh believe me, they work great, and I have 2 that help me peel the pears every year.....

  3. Nonproductive Sundays are a wonderful thing! Especially when the weather's the way it was Sunday.

    EG - Oh, pears sound great! I planted 2 trees this year, so it'll be a few years before I get any. Then I'll take 'em any way I get 'em.