Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cucumber Successes

The cucumbers are the only thing that I could call an unqualified gardening success this year. There are 5 of them in this picture (the one in the top, left corner is sticking out instead of hanging down) on top of the many I've already gotten. No squashes, no melons, only 3 tomatoes and 1 head of broccoli. It's not all my fault! The tomatoes flooded when we got 10 inches of rain in 2 days and didn't survive. The broccoli was eaten by critters, as was the squash. The corn should be OK. There are several ears in various stages of ready.

I really didn't cook much this summer, so didn't use rosemary, thyme or oregano at all. I harvested basil a few times, but never got enough at one time to make pesto. Next year, more basil plants!

The weather says it will get cold Saturday night. It was 41 this morning, so we may see frost soon!

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