Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Have a Dilemma

Now that I have successfully acquired sawzall blades AND pie crusts, what should I do tonight when I come home from work? Cut stumps or make blackberry pie? Or both? Put blackberries on the stumps, cut the pie crust with the saw? If I think about it too much, I'll throw up my hands in indecision, do neither and take a nap instead!

Stay Tuned for the outcome in tomorrow's episode.

In other news, my sister knit this vest with my first handspun yarn. I bought the carded silk/romney, (I think) in CT in June, so no, I didn't make the yarn from raw fiber. Sis says the vest is too short (maybe because I'm so new at this that I could only make 306 yards with 8 oz), and that it shrunk when she blocked it (maybe because I didn't wet and whack it after I spun it). Nonetheless, it's a beautiful vest and only a little crooked because the yarn isn't balanced. Thanks to sis for being the first knitter to use my yarn! I promise it will get better!

1 comment:

  1. Get the pie in the oven as soon as you get home from work. Then set the timer and take it out with you to start working on the stump(s). That way you'll have burned up a gazillion or so calories so you can feel totally guiltless about diving into the pie after dinner.

    Tell your sis that I don't think the vest looks too short at all. What with the "layered" look being in, I think it looks great. Wow, to be able to handspin your own yarn! I'm a knitter but I'll NEVER get to the spinning-my-own-yarn stage. You both get my vote for a job well done on the vest.