Friday, September 18, 2009

Third Truck of Wood

I came home from work Wednesday to find the loggers filling the third truck with maple and cherry. It's amazing how much work these guys do for not much money. The guy using the chainsaw is at my place about 7:30 in the morning, and here they are at 6 pm. I'm so far in the woods, I'm guessing he has to leave his house about 6:30 to be at my place around 7:30.

They sell the wood and split the money with me, so I theoretically know how much they get. If there's profit in this, it's higher up the food chain. Here's the truck going by the house on its way down the hill. You can see the trees beginning to change. It's going to be a beautiful fall!


  1. How do they keep the stumps from resprouting? It would be a real bummer to have 10 suckers for every tree that got cut...

  2. Hey, good question! Maybe 50 years from now I can sell it again!