Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meet Me at Blueberry Way and Cherry Lane

On the left of this picture is a walking path from the house, going to the upper blueberry hill (which is over my right shoulder as I took this pic). It was overgrown with a fallen tree or two, that I cleared out this spring when I started to explore the land. On the center-right, you can see a brown patch, which is really the old logging road, coming from my new road that I had built earlier this summer. (An aerial photo would really help right about now!) I am standing on the path and the road goes to the right of me.

In this second shot, I am standing in the same place, but have rotated to the right. The path goes along the right of the shot and the logging road now goes just past that (cherry?) and before the blueberry bushes. Upper blueberry hill is just off the left of this shot.

It took me days to clear that path, and them hours to make/remake that road. It's just not fair! I'm beginning to see the attraction of having the proper tools!

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