Monday, September 14, 2009

Pie and Apples

I really need to eat more pie! I made this blackberry pie with newly picked blackberries on Thursday night. It's Monday morning and only a third of it is gone! The fact that I ran out of vanilla ice cream may have a little to do with it. Can you freeze pie? Who freezes pie?- everyone eats it before it gets that far.

Here are apples I've picked from three different trees. I hope they're ripe. How do you tell? What happens if you eat apples that aren't ripe? I've only had grocery store apples before and I'm pretty sure they're ripe. The two dogs, Desmond and Maggie have been eating unripe apples fallen from the trees for weeks and Desmond is farting a lot these days. Maybe it's the mice he's eating or maybe it's the apples. I won't be doing a scientific test on that question!

I bought an extra crust last week in preparation for the next pie. It'll either be apple or cherry, since the Northstar cherries are ripening as well. Maybe both. Must get more crusts!


  1. I'd be willing to wager that Desmond's . . . uh, tooting problems are from the unripe apples rather than the mice. Hope he doesn't have an ache in his tum-tum.

    I'll vote for Northstar cherry for your next pie since cherry is my favorite (at the moment). Especially if you go get some more vanilla ice cream to serve on top of it.

  2. Apple or cherry? That's my kind of dilema.