Monday, September 14, 2009

Tell My Boss

Please tell my boss I can't come in to work today. It's too interesting here at home! All of the below happened on Sunday.

The mice seem to come in waves. Nothing for a week, then 2 or 3 in one night. Here Sparky and Maggie have a standoff over whose mouse this one (the third since Saturday) is. Sparky won because Maggie left to follow me into another room. After the mouse died, it was apparently less interesting because I saw it laying alone in the center of the room. Then later I didn't see it at all. I think it's in Desmond's tummy.
Maggie and Pancho seem to be getting along fairly well...First, Maggie uses Pancho for a headrest on the 1/2 quilt. (Or maybe it's the 20% quilt. I started it when I was young, and my mother finished it and gave it to me when I was an adult.) Later, Pancho uses Maggie for a headrest.I harvested some apples yesterday. It looks like there may be more than one type here. Macintosh for sure, and something else yet to be identified. I am SO loving this homesteading, discovery stuff. But again, it's not cold yet. I may love it less in 4 months!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Jordan's Boss:

    Please excuse Jordan from work for the next month (possibly longer) as she is deep into developing a working homestead and this occupies nearly all of her waking hours.

    Also, she is mother to four furry creatures who are much happier when she is home with them to oversee all of the important daily adventures they have.

    Her apples are just starting to come in and there is applesauce to be put up which (I feel certain) you can totally understand is much more important than the work going on in your office.

    Thank you.

    P.S. Please continue to send her salary checks to her address you have on file.