Sunday, September 27, 2009

Homestead-y Food Weekend

It's been a wonderful homestead-y food weekend! Saturday's lunch was anchored by pastrami home-smoked and brought by the guest. Then dinner featured steak cooked outside on an apple-wood fire and capped by homemade apple pie. Pie definitely goes faster when two people eat it!The guest has moved on for now, and there's a steady rain outside, forecast to last most of the day. To continue the foodifying, I think I'll try making apple fritters. I suspect that no matter how badly they turn out, they'll still be fairly good. And the warmth should go a long way towards warming up the homestead. It's beginning to look like a fire-in-the-woodstove sort of day.


  1. Ha! My dog would be utterly unable to do a down-stay so close to a piece of meat!! Home-smoked pastrami? Nice!

  2. A rainy Sunday? Wonderful way to relax after having good company for a couple of days. Homemade apple fritters and a fire in the woodstove . . . homestead heaven personified!