Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Harvesting Blackberries

It's funny how when you live in the middle of the woods on a mountain and it takes 1/2 hour to get anywhere, you don't tend to rush off to the store much. I tried and failed at three things this weekend for lack of something. I couldn't finish the bedspread for lack of embroidery thread. I couldn't cut stumps out for lack of not-dull Sawzall blades, and I couldn't make a blackberry pie for lack of crusts. Oh, I know I could have made crusts from scratch, but you wouldn't want to make pie crusts on my countertops. They're yucky with mouse stuff and cat stuff!

I didn't leave the mountain for the entire 3-day weekend - it was heaven! Not even to get my mail 3/4 mile down the hill. And - it didn't rain, not even once. I came down this morning with a list of things to do though, buy cat food, embroidery thread, sawzall blades, and pie crusts!

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