Sunday, September 6, 2009

Project, and Today's Mice

Here is a picture showing my current project in progress. I laid it out on the floor yesterday and overnight, and found these two mice this morning. I think Desmond was asleep, and since he is near deaf, missed his opportunity for a breakfast snack.

Below is the project aaallmost complete! I just need to bind the edges and add thread ties throughout. It's a bedspread, made out of salvaged shirts, and won't pass water due to a waterproof mattress pad in the middle. I'll probably continue letting my dogs be dogs, but it's time to protect the people parts of my bed from wet, dirty dog stuff. The thing turned out quilt-y-er than I anticipated, because the mattress pad was a little thick. That's OK. This is a labor of love.


  1. Holy Cow! Your quilt/bedspread is totally impressive. You've created a real work of art there. That is really cool! Have you ever made a quilt before?

  2. Wow, thanks Mama Pea! This is my 2-1/2th quilty thing. (I got halfway through my first one, and my mother finished it.) MY philosophy on having one of these not be a marathon endeavor - big pieces! This one took 2 days of cutting and 2 days of sewing, so marathon is obviously relative!