Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I added one item to yesterday's shopping list. A printer cable, because somebody ate the computer end of my current cable (I'm not mentioning names, but I'm pretty sure it's an orange tortoise shell cat).

Now, where can you go after a long day of work to get sawzall blades, pie crusts, embroidery thread, and printer cable, and not have to make 3 separate stops and get home at 7:30? Unfortunately, you guessed it, Wal Mart. (Or as my fellow South Carolinians call it - Wally World.) I'm very pro local shopping, and in fact, my first stop before work was to the local hardware store for cat food and reciprocating saw blades. In my before-work hurry, I accidentally bought some jigsaw blades (which I have plenty of and do NOT need), so sawzall blades went back on the list.

I found most everything I was looking for, but, FYI, Wally World does not carry embroidery thread. That's a task for lunchtime today. I also got some things that weren't on the list and re-learned a lesson that I learn every year about this time. There IS such a thing as too much candy corn!

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