Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Septic is Fun!

I love discovering things about this property, and Friday I'm going to discover where the septic system is ... hopefully. I'm expecting it to be somewhere in this green area.

Last fall, I called the county person who keeps records on these things, to see if they had drawings I could look at. Since they keep property records NOT by address, but by owner's name ... and I don't know all the previous owners' names, we reached an impasse rather quickly.

The sellers disclosure stated that she hadn't had the septic pumped for 10 years, so it's feeling like it's about time to have it pumped. Thankfully, the system hasn't been heavily used, as the previous owner was a single, female, Chemical Engineer too. (What are the odds of that? You'd think we have a secret ChemE property society or something!)

Fingers crossed, I'm hoping they come out, find the thing and pump it out with no issue. If you hear nothing more about this topic, that means it went well!

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