Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dye Experiments

On this last rainy Sunday morning, I decided to try out a jar of dye I had bought at the Connecticut Sheep and Fiber show. I measured out enough dye to color roughly a pound and cooked the left 8 ounces of Romney for 1/2 hour in a gallon or two of water in the 20 qt stockpot. Then I put in the spun yarn in the center (no cooking) for about an hour or so, and then colored the right stuff. It started out that pink color (which is a color I will *never* use), and ended up this awful gray. I might actually use the gray by blending with something else. We'll see.

I love how easy it was to get this rich color! And since this was all colored before spinning, the options are endless for the yarn! Oh the possibilities!

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