Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Update on Many Things

I considered making a separate post for each topic, but then we'd have many, many, very short posts. So here goes:
- Blueberries are at their peak now. I've been picking 1-2 cups most every day for the last week or so. It's just sad when I look at a bush like this one and pass over all the single berries so I can pick the clumps. It's more efficient that way. There are probably 10-15 bushes I haven't even looked at. Those berries will wither on the bush.

- I made a great blueberry sauce yesterday, and froze half of it in an ice cube tray. I have no idea if that will work. I think I'll make more tonight and have it on blueberry pancakes for dinner. Will I get sick of blueberries? You betcha!

- I went to visit my truck yesterday at the shop. Mr Shop Man says the mice ate insulation off a few wires in every single wire harness. Not enough to call it the cause of the mysterious starting problem. Current suspect is the relay box that was full of mouse urine. He's dried it out, but is looking for a used replacement from a junkyard. I'm OK with the truck sitting there. It's in good hands. If it wasn't sitting there, it'd be sitting in my yard, and the cats aren't quite up to speed on their mousing duties yet. They're busy training some dogs right now.

- BUT - my heart leapt with joy this morning when I saw a little dead baby mouse in the rug near my bed. A gift! My first mous-y present! I took a picture, but I'll do us all a favor and not post it.

- The cats and dogs are integrated enough so that I don't have to babysit everyone any more. Whew. Pancho has been spending the night watching the stove (as a good mouser should, since that's where the inside mice are coming from). Sparky is still sleeping upstairs. Maggie is sleeping in her normal place, but runs into the kitchen every time she hears something, so she can help. Needless to say, my sleep is a bit fractured these days.

- Pancho is the big brother and protector of Sparky and has no fear. Yesterday he let Maggie lick his ear, and on Sunday they were playing a running, scratching game (the cats hiss and scratch and the dog runs around and back to the cats). At least I think it will develop into a game. I think all will be well with these folks.

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