Thursday, August 13, 2009

State of the Garden Report

Out of the 6 broccoli plants planted, the varmints got 5. I harvested and ate the one head for dinner last week. I've never seen broccoli flowers, so I left some flowerets on the plant to let them blossom. And... here they almost are!

The varmints must not like tomatoes, as they are all looking hale and hearty (albeit a little small), and filling with tomatoes. I'm keeping an eye on one beefsteak that's beginning to change color, and making sure I have bread and mayo for the inevitable tomato sandwich where the tomato is still warm from the sun.

The cucumber plant is happy! I'll be taking this little guy soon.
It's beginning to get fall-like around these parts. The canteloupe plant is doing well, but hasn't made any fruits yet. The honeydew plant is looking pretty weak, and the corn is about 3 feet tall now. I'm not sure I'll be getting anything before frost, but we'll see!

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