Tuesday, August 18, 2009


You can see by this aerial shot (which is 10-or-so years old), that most of my property is wooded. I need to clear it quite a bit before I can start keeping goats here.

So.... two weeks ago I spoke to a logger. He logs the property, sells the wood and we split the proceeds. He looked at the site and says that I have enough wood to make it worthwhile for both of us.

He called today to let me know that he'll start logging next week. I know it's not politically correct to say this, but if he clear cuts, I'll be happy. The more trees he cuts or knocks down, even if he doesn't take them, the better for me. It will start to change the balance away from trees towards other forms of green. I don't need it to be pasture, brushy would be fine for goats. But I do need for the sun to get down to the ground to let other things besides trees grow here.

This area was originally forest, but I have heard from neighbors that as recently as 40 years ago, much of my property was meadows. I will not be ruining anything pristine.


  1. So interesting to hear (and see) all that you're doing. It's evident you're not one to sit around wishing things were different. You're a do-er!

  2. Will he leave a few choice ones so you'll have the option to have a few trees around?

    Depending on what was there before, you might want to be ready with some kind of cover crop, like an annual grass, so that the weeds don't sieze this opportunity to make a play for your property. I don't really know how that stuff works, except that there are lots of opportunistic introduced species out there that might be able to outcompete your native stuff. Was that area of the country burned by the native occupants?

  3. I don't think he's actually going to clear cut - that's more of a dream on my part, don't think I have enough worthwhile (ie. old enough) wood. Good suggestion about the cover crop. What could I plant that would compete with ferns?

  4. Ack! From the aerial photo, it looks like you have maples. I'd hate to cut THOSE beauties down! On the other hand, maple is SO good for your woodstove.

    Since you have 25 acres, what about clearing just 5 or 10? That would be plenty for the goats.

    But, please know that I'm NOT judging! Just putting in my two cents. ;)

    I do know what you mean about needing some pasture area, though: in order to get the eventual cow I want, we'll have to clear, too.

  5. Hey Jordan,
    Sorry, I didn't look back to see your follow up. Out here people use an annual grass, like annual rye to to keep the weeds at bay. Your extension agent should have some ideas. Very exciting! How do you deal with stumps and getting them to not sprout again?