Monday, August 17, 2009

High Temperatures

I wouldn't be worth my salt as an engineering geek if I didn't collect data! I'm only a little embarassed to say that I have 3 temperature indicators in various places.

I've had my first digital temp gage for years (I worked in a really cold office, and wanted to prove what the temperature really was). This was my second one - I had it for a few months before I realized that I wanted to collect data on wind speed, etc. Of course, all the wind speed indicators also have all the temperature stuff. That's the story of why I have three. You'll never catch me not knowing what the temperature is!

Anyhow - I had to capture the first time this year that it went over 80 degrees at the homestead. It's so hot inside because most of the windows don't open. Usually not a problem, so that's a project for a future year. (Yes, it needs to be cleaned.)

It was 84 degrees yesterday - steamy! Good thing I have a hammock and an apple tree with good shade to escape the heat of afternoon.

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