Monday, August 17, 2009

Where the Cats Relax

There, and in Desmond's doggy bed. Desmond is not liking them too much.

I won't complain though. They are earning their keep! They left a dead mouse under the dining room table for me this morning. I'm thinking about taking the cupboard doors off and replacing them with curtains to give the cats freer roam in the kitchen cabinets. My thinking is that freer roam = more dead mice!

In other news, the blueberry dyed wool faded quite a bit in the sun on Friday, to gray on top. I carded some of it, and it's a pale lilac color. I was hoping for a richer, deeper blue.

I think the problem here is my expectations more than anything else. I've read that natural dyes don't have the richness of non-natural dyes, but hoped anyway. That, or my mordanting.

Next natural dyes to try, blackberries and dewberries!

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