Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Perfect Evening

At least as perfect as a weekday evening can be, trying to cram so many things into so few hours!

I got home from work about 6, changed into blueberry picking clothes and picked 3-1/2 cups in about 45 minutes. You can see here that the dewberries are ripening. Looks like that will be the next harvest. (Wikipedia says I can make a blue dye with dewberries.)

Then I got on the lawnmower and cut the grass until the sun set. It grew tall this week since we've actually had more sunshine than rain, for a change.

Then I came inside, made blueberry sauce, had dinner and watched the sunset paint the sky vivid colors.


  1. Jordan,

    Nice little post, and BEAUTIFUL sunset shot!

    Say, I have a question for you, but you don't list an e-mail address on your profile. If you wouldn't mind, would you contact ME at mama @ (No spaces before or after the '@', obviously.)

    Thanks! :)

  2. Sounds like a purdy darn near perfect evening to me! Harvesting and preserving a home grown, nutritious crop, the satisfaction and accomplishment of getting the lawn mowed, and feeding body (dinner) and soul (sunset).

    I agree with Chicken Mama. Lovely post.