Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finding the Past

It's wonderful to come home from work and take a trip around the yard to see what's new. I've discovered a few things recently that remind me that people have lived in this house for centuries (literally). So many plants that didn't arrive here naturally are still thriving even after years of no attention.

Let's talk about the herbs. On the north side of the house is a field of oregano. It's probably 10 feet square. Here's a pic with my purse to get a sense of scale. I've never seen this much oregano in my life! (Unless there's a wild plant that's an oregano doppleganger ... ?) Many of the plants thriving here now were buried under invasive blackberries and raspberries last year.

On the south side of the house are the old raised beds that I recently demolished. One of those beds is half-covered with chives. (As in 4 feet x 8 feet of chives.) These freakin' chives! They were the first green things in the yard in the spring, and they've been blooming ALL season! You can see in the front of this shot that some more blooms are getting ready to pop out. I took out the wood and mowed over most of the raised beds, but I couldn't bring myself to mow over the chives.

I know I said I was going to take a break from pet pics, but this is interesting - really! Here Maggie is rolling in thyme. I'm not sure where it was originally planted, or if it's wild around here, but now it's in between the old raised beds and the cherry trees. Doggy perfume! This area was totally overwhelmed with invasive blackberries too. It came back fairly easily, ... so far.

Here's a closer look at the blossoming thyme. Now I'm looking closely at all the grasses, weeds and all the green stuff around here thinking, "is this something interesting?"


  1. Oh, if we could just learn to live in the bliss of the moment as Maggie is while rolling in the thyme! Does she care if someone might see her (let alone take a PICTURE!) flailing about in an unlady-like posture? Heck, no!

  2. Maybe I should roll around in the thyme too! I could use some bliss of the moment.