Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Cat Introductions

I'm continuing to let the cats out into the house while the dogs are outside during the day. Today I moved their food to the kitchen counter to get them used to the idea of eating in the kitchen, where the food will be long-term. (I'm taking back the kitchen counter from the mice!)
Here are some shots of the fun and games after I let the cats out this morning.

When Pancho hears the noise outside of Maggie trying to get in, he goes to investigate. Maggie is practicing all the loving she's going to give Pancho when they finally get to touch noses. (Ha ha, like it's really going to happen like that!)

Desmond wants to love up on Pancho too.

Maggie trying different ways to get in. Here she is on the porch railing.

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  1. Funny, funny pictures! (Maggie's not licking her chops, is she?)