Friday, August 21, 2009

Inside Work This Weekend

It's already started raining, and should rain through most of tomorrow, so it looks like an inside weekend this weekend.
That's not a bad thing. The cleanliness inside the house has suffered because of the recent good weather. It's time to get back on top of that. There are also a few inside projects I've been putting off. Replace the kitchen cabinet doors with curtains (the better for kitties to get at mice - mwah hah hah). Make a dress with some of the Omani fabric. Possibly card and spin some.
If I weren't going to do inside things this weekend, I was going to have to buy a mattock and a spud bar (if that's what it's called?) so that I can get to removing some stumps in the orchard area. I did some internet research about stump removal, and the way I'm going to try first is just to dig the stumps out, cutting the roots with the mattock.
All in all, I'm not bothered by having to put off that sweaty outside manly work to stay inside and do girly things this weekend.

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