Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So ... um ... What is This Stuff?

I'm embarrassed to continually be asking questions about what stuff is. But .... what is this? It's about 5 feet high.

In other news:

- I'm going to take a break from showing pictures of my pets. It's hard to imagine, but I understand that not everyone thinks they're as fascinating as I do.

- I harvested some broccoli last night. The ONE plant that is making good stuff after varmints ate the other FIVE, is looking sick after it got flooded last week and sat in water for several days. The thing that saved this plant (from varmints) is a plastic collar at ground level. I tried different collars, and FYI, the cottage cheese container with the bottom cut out - did not work. The one that worked is a black plant pot with the bottom cut out.

- The ONE cucumber plant left after varmints ate the other FIVE is looking great! This one is protected by chicken wire and a plastic pot as well. I planted some sacrificial squash plants, and in addition to having their delicate parts eaten, they never took off.

- The TWO corn plants out of SIX remaining, look great. I hope they actually make some corn for me before it freezes!

- I think I need to buy an axe. Much of the wood I'm splitting is stringy, so the splitter isn't completely splitting the wood. There are strings still holding pieces together. This need-to-buy-things just doesn't end, does it?


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  2. Sorry to say I can't help you out in identifying your lovely yellow blossoms, but you sure are fortunate to have gotten such a plethora of beautiful plantings with your property. (Yeah, I'm a little jealous.)

    Do you have any idea what kind of varmint it is that is lunching on your garden produce?

    Please do continue posting pictures of your dogs and cats. I really enjoy seeing them. Don't they add so much "life" to a place?

  3. I think your plant is a double flowered coneflower (Rudbeckia) cultivar. Cool! It probably will be quite hardy.

    Keep the plant ID's and pet pictures coming - I enjoy them!

    Oh, and it's still hard to comment...

  4. Yeah, I have no idea why it's difficult to comment. It gets me too, I often have to try 2 times before it posts.

  5. Mama Pea - I wish I knew what kind of varmint it is! It's small - it fits through the holes in the chicken wire, so I'm guessing mice (?)