Monday, August 31, 2009

Holy Moley - I've got corn!

I'm so new at this, I'm surprised when something works!
I bought a 6-flat at the local Agway when I was picking up eggs and my mother put them into the ground in mid-to-late June. We weren't sure whether to split the shoots or not, so didn't. Out of the 6 things planted, only 2 are left. But as you can see, this one has at least 3 stalks. And ta daaah - 3 ears of corn.
It was a raucus night last night at the BHH house, resulting in 2-1/2 mice in the trash can. I don't know if I'll ever encounter the other half of the third one. I hope not. Lots of noise around 4:15 am as Maggie was trying to help one of the cats with a mouse. I turned on the light and saw the first one. Then Maggie presented the second one, not quite dead. The third half mouse was there for me in the morning. Maggie is learning from the cats how to kill mice!

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