Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hey Mom, Lookit These Cucumbers!

This one cucumber plant has really thrived on the little frame I built. Imagine what it would have looked like if all six plants would have survived! Not a pretty sight. I planted two squash plants that could be sacrificed and it looks like I may actually get a squash.

It's hard to see (I know where they are, so it's obvious to me), but there are 3 cucumbers in this photo. I harvested two of them last night, #3 and #4 from this plant.

The tomato plants are dying. Maybe this last excessive rain was too much for them.

There is one tiny canteloupe, about an inch in diameter. Unfortunately it hasn't changed in size in the last week, so I'll hope it gets bigger.

For a garden that was a "gotta get something into the ground" affair, I'm actually getting stuff to harvest, and it's great!

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