Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Apple Bud and Sunset

Yesterday I got a lot done.  I worked a full day, went to the grocery store, inflated the tire on the ATV trailer, stopped by the library to pick up Your Money or Your Life, and then hauled two loads of dirt before collapsing with a hoppy beverage to watch the sunset.  I read blogs of folks that have full-time jobs and then work hours at home, and am full of admiration for their energy.

I won't be able to look at sunsets like this for much longer - trees will obscure the view soon enough.  Here's a baby apple blossom, waiting to explode.


  1. Stopped at Lowe's Sat.to get my mom's birthday gift-rose bushes. And wandered through the trees and such and came home with a pear tree and a blueberry bush, even though what I wanted was apple trees!! thinking I have some AADD issues! I did get the rose bushes, but now I have to figure out where this pear tree is going. Do you have problems with deer (and moose, I guess!) nibbling on your trees??

  2. That's what shopping does to you - it makes you get things you hadn't planned on! I ordered trees from Miller Nurseries in Jan, but they're not here yet. I don't anticipate too many problems from deer because one of my dogs barks a lot and will probably keep them away.

  3. It sounds like the end of a busy and satisfying evening. You accomplished quite a bit. :>)