Sunday, April 11, 2010

Doors and Windows

It's been said that for every door that closes, a window opens.  Recently I closed a door, and it's looking like windows are opening - it's really weird, but sayings like that don't come from nowhere!

I gave up on someone I thought was going to be a friend (you've read multiple times on this blog about how I'm looking for friends in this new-to-me part of the country).  We spoke for hours on the phone and I thought that meant we'd eventually start to actually "do" things, like haunt antique stores, see movies about local food issues, go to farmer's markets, local food dinners, the woiks.  Things I've enjoyed doing with friends in the past.  It took me far too long, but I finally realized after multiple invitations were passed on, that this person was never going to be the friend I was looking for. The phone conversations had me completely fooled.  (For those of us that have started over multiple times, there's a saying to the effect that after 3 invitations are for naught and not returned, so is that person.)  I don't have enough extra emotional energy to waste it on people that don't give me even a fraction of what I'm looking for, that don't make my life better for having known them.  I can pay for a handyman and talking on the phone just wastes precious evening time I could be doing useful work.  So I closed that door (sound of a door shutting with a final "click").

But some intriguing windows are opening.  On Tuesday, I'm taking the day off work to go with Melanie of Our Wee Farm to run farm errands.  I know, it sounds so much like work.  But this stuff is exactly what I need to learn and Melanie is open to new friends - I'm really excited about that!  I think it's going to be an extremely fun day - at least as much fun as taking chickens to the processor, helping with shearing, delivering yarn and who knows what else can be!  I'm in heaven.


  1. I wish we lived closer. I have a TON of "farm like" errands to run. And my husband is out of town for another week, yet. I guess 7 states is too far away to meet for coffee or a quick run to the feed store.....

  2. Yeah - the days when I think taking chickens to the processor is fun are probably limited. This time next year I might yaawn - but still do it anyway to spend a day out with friends.