Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunday in Spring

The poultry swap was fun.
I went with a group of about 5 people and with some people I knew there and they knew there, it was like a little community get-together.  It seems like some of the different facets of my life all seem to know each other, and I think that's pretty cool.  They're not "different" facets at all, it turns out.  They're the same facet.
Birds were bought and rabbits were bought by members of my crew.  There were also goats and sheep there, but I held off out of loyalty to the two goats I'll be picking up in a few weeks, and the fact that I still do not have a goat shed.

I came home and noticed asparagus had magically appeared, in like the last day.  I swear it wasn't there yesterday.  Swear!

I planted 10 roots last year, so hopefully more than one will come up and I'll be able to have more than 3 bites of asparagus.  It'll be the first harvest this year! I've given myself permission to get nothing homestead-y done this weekend, and since it's been cloudy and rainy I've put a major dent in a 1000-page book I've been hankering to read.  It's a good book, and it's nice to relax a bit.


  1. Ooooh! Asparagus! I love those little green shoots of spring! You are so lucky!

  2. Hope your book is good. I'm glad that today's weather is clear, as I painted my bedroom yesterday and wanted to wash the windows and drapes, but it was too yucky. Now I can get it done, while I'm still working on this project, before I forget!!
    How much asparagus do you get from a root? Will they just keep coming up every year, or do you have to plant every year?? I'm asparagus ignorant!!