Friday, April 9, 2010

When Plans Change

I had plans for company yesterday evening (and was planning on tasting the gouda cheese I made 2 weeks ago).  But the plans fell through, and a second set of plans for last night fell through as well.  So what could I do but use this perfect opportunity to move some dirt?

And so I did.  This desk worker doesn't have the stamina to do this for hours.  Three loads later (total 6 loads so far), one bed is almost full, one bed is half-full, and one bed is almost empty.  And the dirt pile still looks the same as it did almost 2 weeks ago.

Then I brought out the 2 rounds of gouda, washed them in brine and took a small taste of one.  Yum.  I'll let them age longer.  The taste is supposed to smooth out and get softer with time.

1 comment:

  1. your pile of dirt must look like a mountain at times, but it will be so nice to have your raised beds all filled and ready to grow!!
    I would like a truck of dirt, but probably only coming home a bag at a time this year.