Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progress - Of a Sort

I whined last week about a long list of things that were unresolved and not moving forward.  I'm happy to report that most of the items have inched forward, at least a bit.  I'm a big fan of progress.

I got 6 gallons of apple cider fermenting on Friday.  It will ferment for about 3 weeks before I put it into another container to go a little longer.

The chicken coop should start the trip to NY from Texas today, almost a month overdue.  I hope I'll be able to put it together this weekend and finally get my long-suffering hens out of their too-small quarters and outside into fresh air. (Then I can clean the chicken poop and smell out of the front porch!)

The logger brought over the shed he promised to bring me.  It's less than I expected, but I suppose it qualifies as a shelter up through fall.  It's 4 x 8 x about 6 feet high, has a roof and a floor, but open walls.  It does have a closing, latching door which is better than I expected.  I'll plan to pick the goats up next weekend, which will give me time to get the fence up and get a feeder and waterer.
Desmond is doing swimmingly.  I was worried for a few days, as someone peed inside and I thought, "Oh great, now he's completely incontinent."  I've been having to get up once or twice most nights to let him out for months now.  Hopefully if I wake up and react quickly enough, he'll make it outside (she says, optimistically).  He's obviously feeling better, bouncing around more and happier than he's been in a while.  But his hips and arthritic back are never going to get better.  He's still a creaky old dog.

And lastly, the book says I can transplant the broccoli, rabe and leeks outside this week, and plant peas outside.  The tomatoes, and peppers are doing well on the upper shelf.  The peppers took a month to start growing.  I'm glad I was patient.
Stores are beginning to sell plants and I almost bought more basil.  I'm beginning to understand that it makes sense to start stuff you can't buy at any store, but a waste of time and energy to start anything you can just buy as a plant. Of course it's supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow in the higher elevations (which is me).  I may even get a few inches, so it looks like I'll postpone planting outside until after the snow melts.


  1. OH MY! Don't say the S word!! I have tomatoes that are starting to look a bit spindley, and I should find something and move them. I was going to be good and green and recycle, but a package of plastic cups may be the easiest, quickest and cheapest and I can then stack them up and use them next year..

    Hope the chicken coop goes together well and glad you have something for the goats. You have the summer to either make alterations to that one, or figure out a better one....what was still on that list?? Oh, yeah the woodshed...when do you start doing your wood for next year??

  2. Good to hear. Can you pull all the pets' water at about 8 pm, make sure the dogs pee one more time before bed and not have to take D out at night?

    Only about 5 weeks until I come to NY! My travel arrangements are mostly made, and I'm looking forward to seeing your farm.

  3. Let me know if you need help putting up your fence, Jordan. My surgery's been postponed!!!!

  4. Re: Mint Meadow Farms - I talked to my sister-in-law and her website is under some remodeling. She said she should have it back up and running in about 2 weeks.

  5. Boo on the snow we had a few flakes here in Central New York today. I like snow but only in December and maybe January. I am ready for some heat.

  6. Well it sounds like you have had some progress. That must make you feel good. Hope the rest of this week holds some more of the same.