Saturday, April 3, 2010

Something Purple This Way Comes

First flower !  (Actually, it's the second flower after the snowdrops.  Maybe I'll call it the first flower with color!  Then when a daffodil comes out to play - I'll call it the first yellow flower!)  I think I can get quite a few firsts out of this spring...

I moved the first load of dirt from the driveway to a raised bed and noticed that a tire on the ATV trailer is flat.  I don't have anything here I can use to inflate it, so will have to take it down off the mountain to fill it with air, and then hope that that was the only problem.

I really didn't want to go off the mountain this weekend, and am seriously tempted to take the tire off the ATV and put it in the car as a task for next week.  Since there is no law saying I have to get the dirt into the raised beds this weekend, I could just as well stay up here and do some spring cleaning instead.  Good thing there are so many things that need to be done around here!


  1. Crocus!! If I wasn't planning (already) to be cremated, I'd asked for crocus to be planted on my grave!

    Can't tell you how many times this New Yorker got through March by seeing those crocus... that got creamed by late March snowstorms. And I'd mourn the beautiful but short lived crocus and know I'd make it to spring.

    Well, I was telling everybody who would listen how beautiful the crocus are this year, blooming and not getting snowed over....

    And wouldn't you know.... getting work done on my house, like parging the foundation and new cellar windows. Guess where the fine worker planted his feet? On my crocus. There was no way around it. DAMN, I said, and "next year". My crocus will return.

  2. I'm movin' dirt today, too. In for a lunch break, and now going back outside. It feels good to have something to show for my efforts.

  3. Purple and green one of my favorite color combination. So pretty. Happy Easter

  4. Happy Easter all! One of the nice things about the crocus is how indestructible it is from year to year. No matter what happens to it - it will come back next year! It is a hopeful little thing!