Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Late April Snow

I came home from work yesterday to find Maggie outside the electric fence (again), and Desmond gone.  It seems that when I take the time to play a game with Maggie in the mornings, she stays in the fence, and days like yesterday when I zoom out, so does she.  The game we play is that I make her sit at the end of the driveway, give her a treat, get in the car and drive a few hundred feet, come back, give her a treat at the end of the driveway, repeat one or two more times, driving farther each time before I come back.  The last time, I'll drive about 1/2 mile before I come back and give her a treat.  Every time I do this, she stays inside the invisible fence all day.  I thought I was retraining her to stay in the fence, but I'm guessing she thinks it's a game.

So I dumped Maggie inside, and went driving to look for Desmond, terrified.  Of course, he came trotting up the road just as I turned the corner.  They were probably hanging out at the neighbor's house yesterday.  Maggie ran to meet the car and Desmond slowly started to make his way back home.  It just takes longer for the geezer to make it back.

Here's another beautiful sunset and some snow on the ground last night.  I was too lazy to walk outside to take this picture, so there's a red reflection from my camera in the center of the shot.

Here's what the south yard looked like this morning; sundial, apple tree, raised beds, cherry trees, goat shed.

Here's Desmond modelling this morning's snow, falling thick and fast. Three inches on the ground as I left for work and it was beginning to stick to the road.   One mile away from the house there's nothing on the ground except rain.  And yes, Maggie and I played the game this morning.

I'm percolating something that I'll be ready to write more about shortly (remember what "shortly" means? If you weren't reading this blog when I wrote about "shortly", I've added a handy-dandy search box so you can find that post if you're so inclined.).  It's about the farm family car stickers - I think I'm going to do it!  It's the first time I've had a good idea where nobody else is already doing it and the cost of entry is small.  More later...


  1. It was quite a shock this morning - even though I knew there was a chance of snow. I seemed to have completely forgotten about it overnight. If you do, indeed, go ahead with your fantastic idea, count me in as a customer!! That would be me, two dogs, two cats, four ducks, four sheep, one llama, two rabbits, 26 chickens. I may have to buy a minivan...

  2. sounds like a great idea!! Don't know if you'll get rich, but it should be fun!!