Monday, April 5, 2010

Pseudo Spring!

Even though it was almost 80 degrees in the valley and it was 70 degrees up here on the hill (and it hasn't been that warm since maybe August), I'm not fooled.  Even though the crocuses are full-on out and the daffodils are coming up quickly, I'm wary.  Even though it feels like spring, I know there's at least one more sock in the ribs coming from winter yet.  I'm not dumb - or at least not very dumb.  I've seen this before.  Every year the triumph of optimism over experience turns to failure as I freeze, clad in light cotton.  But this year I'm smarter.

I did sow tomato seeds in their peat pellets a little early because I couldn't resist, but I didn't succumb to the urge to throw the house wide open.  I did clean up all the wood bits on the floor, but left the firewood exactly where it is next to the woodstove.  I took the curtain closing off the hall down but left the plastic closing off the cold part of the house hanging where it is.  I took three of the plastic storm windows down but left most of them up.  I took many of my winter clothes upstairs and brought down some of my summer clothes, but left a core of warm clothing easily accessible, including wool socks.  I'll be ready when old man winter comes back.  Depressed, but ready.


  1. enjoying the sun today until the guy came in and told me below 40 degrees this weekend and possible snow. I still have my wooly socks out, too...right by my bed is a pair...