Thursday, April 8, 2010

Queen of the Dirt Pile

Miss Maggie, Queen of the Dirt Pile and ruler of all that she surveys.  The dirt pile has, distressingly, not moved itself into the raised beds and I have not helped it much this week.  My original plan B was to move a few loads every evening after work, but somehow the week has gotten away from me.  (Plan A was to move it last weekend, but a flat tire on the trailer nixed plan A.  Onward towards plan C! Good thing it's just dirt.)

When the dirt dude dumped this last week, there was a huge lake along the right edge of this shot.  Something thawed underground, and all at once over the weekend the entire lake disappeared.  I had snow too, under sawdust, up through Sunday.  Never managed to walk the 50 feet with a camera, so it went unrecorded.  It is just snow, after all.  God will make more.

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