Monday, April 19, 2010

Pruning and Periwinkles

I think two pruning workshops in two weeks turned out to be a very. good. idea.  This is Steve pruning a peach  tree.  He showed us cherry, peach, and apple before it started raining.  One big lesson here is that I won't need to use the entire area I have saved for orchard on the orchard, which is nice.  His dwarf trees are 6 feet apart.

I came home all fired up to prune some more, but the weather was still yukky, alternating snow and rain and hail.  I didn't move any dirt this weekend either.  But I did make significant progress on a few sewing projects I hope to have out of the way before the weather turns warm.

The periwinkles are out!  I was curious about them because they are near a large red pine I had pushed over last summer.  The tree is gone but the flowers survived.  Chives are another plant that still remains strong despite near total removal of their last summer's home.


  1. Watch out for them periwinkles - they can get pushy and invasive... But such a pretty flower.

  2. 6 feet apart?? WOW! That's great and opens up some more possibilities in my small space.