Friday, April 16, 2010

The Rule, and Laundry

I've been busy at work (for a change), and I have mixed feelings about that.  It's nice to be engaged in interesting work and work time goes quickly, but it consumes energy, leaving me none for evenings.  Dishes stack up, laundry stacks up.  Everything stacks up.  I finally started collecting the laundry and realized that I have FOUR loads to do.  FYI, it takes a long time for a single person to save up four loads of laundry. 

I could get the laundry done with a concerted effort, but I have a busy weekend planned. A third date on Saturday, and for Sunday some folks I met at the Hoggett event a few weeks ago invited me to see their berry farm in Hudson and attend a pruning workshop.  Even though I just went to a pruning workshop last weekend, this falls under one of my "rules" for starting over in a new place (which I've written about here in the past).  The rule is: If you're invited to something, accept the invitation and go.  No thinking.  No debating.  Just do it.  I am by nature an introverted person, so my tendency is to want to stay home alone.  Using this rule helped me make good friends when I started over in South Carolina, Washington DC, The Hague, and now upstate NY.  I like this rule.  It works.

Here's the rub.  When the rule works, I get a messy house, because I'm not home as much.  When I'm on my deathbed though, I'll likely say I was happy I chose to make friends - even if the hearse driver has to pick my cold, dead body out of stacks of dirty laundry!

The current wisdom is that we are 2 weeks ahead of normal, weatherwise.  I took this shot on May 8th last year, which means that the front yard could look like this next week!


  1. I like your rule of going to everything you are invited to. It's something I should try. Most of my social life revolves around people I work with and my husband. I am concerned about what is going to happen when I retire from my job next year. I need to make friends outside of work. Having my own blog is helping me to open up to new adventures.

  2. It's great that you're friends with your coworkers! The places I've worked where that's true have been my best jobs ever. Your friendships will probably survive retirement, but you're wise to think about broadening your horizons.