Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another Ten Dollar Chair

From the Salvation Army.

I love shopping and completely believe in retail therapy.  These days I do my shopping at the Salvation Army on my lunch hour, once every few weeks or so.  It limits the time and money I can spend, but I still get the enjoyment of the hunt.

I like this chair.  It's comfortable and adds to the jumble of styles and colors at the 'stead, making the overall style of the place completely my own.  It was priced at $20, but marked down to $10.  Even at the Salvation Army I'm waiting for things to go on sale!

I also notice that the hammock is patiently waiting for me to take it out.  It's supposed to be nice all week and I'm considering taking Friday afternoon off, just to get a little longer weekend.  Hopefully I'll get the hammock out and spend some quality time contemplating the sky.


  1. Nice chair. how's the cushion? OK or in need of recover?? you're the pro on that now!! Is it for inside or out??

  2. Nice! Our thrift stores rarely have good furniture, although I suppose if I paid more attention to when new things are put out I might think otherwise.

  3. I'm a little amazed that this chair had been at the Salvation Army store since January. I had noticed it, but not seriously until yesterday. Apparently nobody else liked it. I think I'll leave it out on the porch. It looks like a good porch chair. The cushions are OK for now - I like the color!

  4. Which Salvation Army store are you going to (if it's not too much detail to say re the geography)?

  5. Don't go buying all the good stuff! It's the Clifton Park one. Nowhere near where I live, but in a neighborhood of better-off people, which is the hallmark, I think, or a good Salvation Army.

  6. No chance of me buying all the good stuff. No truck! Clifton Park and the interstate highways would not be much fun with my trunk up and blocking my view.

    I've done that in Vermont, though, with the Home Depot guy somehow making things fit and with the trunk lid down enough. And VT highways are nothing like NY highways....