Monday, March 22, 2010

No Hot Water Until Wednesday

The mechanical contractor came over to look at the hot water heater and recommended that it be turned off.  And then he did it.  But he can't put the new one in until Wednesday.  (sad face)  The new HWH will be electric, not propane, so there won't be any heartburn because it wasn't vented. (happy face for the safer situation)  Plus, right now, electricity is cheaper than propane. Now I feel like I'm camping in my own house!  I've already put together the travel bag so I can take a shower off-campus.  And to think that I was jones-ing over a few tens of dollars just the other day...

In better news, here's the status of my seedlings, broccoli, broccoli rabe, and leeks.  The leeks have done nothing so far, not a thing.  My handy-dandy book of telling me what to plant says that I should plant pepper this week.  And so I will.  I'm good at following directions!  It's just beginning to occur to me that I may need to transplant these into something bigger before they go into the ground in the week of April 26th.  Uh oh.  I got nothing.  Time to run around and get supplies again!  But first I have to read some gardening blogs to find out what I should get.  I'm such a beginner!
I didn't get a chance to churn butter last night.  So that's on the list, as well as making cheese with the skim milk leftover from skimming the cream off.  I'm feeling so homebody-ish, or maybe it's camper-body-ish.  This house feels so incomplete without hot water...


  1. If you are going to use electricity you should look into getting one of those on demand ones. You won't have a huge tank of hot water sitting around and you only heat the water you need when you need it. Makes much more sense financially and environmetally.

  2. Sparkless-
    My plumber actually discouraged the electric on demand, saying that gas was much better for those...I wondered if he just didn't want to install one. We have teenagers, so we run out of hot water..usually my shower. ;o(

  3. I did ask about an on-demand thing, but the guy said that I'd have to have 200 amp service. I don't and I'm not ready to put it in right now, so that made the decision for me.

  4. As far as your seedling babies: I planted A LOT of baby plants in an assorted grouping of containers last year....empty washed out tin cans (I was a little worried about the metal adversely affecting the plants but they seemed fine for several months while we waited for the ground to thaw last year), empty yogurt containers, cut down empty Coke, milk, other get the picture. I don't think I purchased any planting containers. Oh, and I asked all the teachers at the kid's school to save containers for me, too. It wasn't long before I had way too many. Good luck!

  5. One suggestion for transplanting the seedlings to their temporary home before going in the ground- haunt second-hand stores like Goodwill for promising containers or even used planters.
    Or for going on the cheap cheap, just use whatever is around the house - I've used old laundry baskets (with packing tape covering the holes, buckets, yogurt and sour cream containers, etc. It's a lot cheaper than buying the official potting containers!

  6. Oh yes! Another excuse to go to the Salvation Army. I loove you! A friend has a ton of containers, and has offered to let me use however many I need. Sweet.