Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Honestly - I Didn't Know

When I wrote a post the other day about wanting to learn the nurturing ways of women, I didn't know that the New York Times had recently, as in less than a week ago, written an article called The Femivore's Dilemma (femivore????..that's terrible! I hate that term!) and several blogs have picked up on it.

My sister sent me a link to an article at Food Renegade called Backyard Farming is a Feminist Act, talking about the article, women and homesteading.
Here's a quote:
Ms. Orenstein goes on to show how the things that drove women into the workforce in the first place — a desire for self-sufficiency, a sense of autonomy, and a quest for personal fulfillment — are the very things that are driving this new movement towards urban and suburban homesteading

This from one of the comments on Food Renegade:
It seems that in an attempt to "empower" women to equality in the workplace (a good thing!!), the importance of taking care of the home and nourishing the family was sidelined.

That's the same feeling I was trying to express.

Another blog I read, Miss Effie's Diary, talks about the same NYT article.

She says, after confessing how the outdoor homesteading lifestyle affected her emotional outlook:
As the article says......... this is not a panacea for every woman. But it is a lifestyle that gave me a life worth living and I hope I can share that with others.

Who woulda thunk that my weak homesteading efforts and getting chickens was this much a part of a trend? I certainly didn't, but maybe the breeze that's blowing us into our backyards is so strong that legions are moved to care for chickens, and plant.   I do occasionally get the sense that my feelings mirror those of a larger and larger group of people, and it makes me feel good.  Less alone. 

The regular homesteading headlines in the Wall Street Journal don't lie.  Now, if only some of those legions of folks were going to be around on the weekend when I get 5 yards of topsoil and try to move it into the raised beds....

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  1. Hmmmm. And I thought it was just me. I know that somehow, after all my higher education and the "pursuits of happiness", I am really the happiest when I'm doing something that is considered (most often by others) to be "homestead-ish". Feeding chickens, teaching my sweet daughter how to bake a pie, showing one of my sons how to thread a needle, working in the garden.....happy. Who knew that working to taking care of my own could become a trend. I just know that it makes me happy and I wish for this type of happiness for everyone.

    PS You're right--"femivore" is terrible! Where in the world did that one come from?