Sunday, March 14, 2010

Gotta Stop

I've been sewing for 12 of the last 18 hours (with a few hours off for sleep) and I can't stand it any more.  I haven't finished, but I have to do something different for a while.

Here's what I started with.  Two torn up cushions that must be 50 years old.
First, I made a bag from an old sheet and moved the foam into the bag.  I added some new foam because I thought that the old foam would be really compressed with age.  It was.  It isn't compressed any more though!
Then I made the piping.  One does this by cutting out thin strips of diagonal material, wrapping it around the cord and sewing it together with the needle really close to the cord, enclosing the cord in fabric.  I made my strips too narrow (and then tried to use them anyway instead of just cutting more like I should have).  So there were many places where, as you can see below, the fabric came loose.  I spent boucoup hours last night and this morning repairing places like that - instead of just cutting wider strips like I should have.

I cut out the cushion top and bottom and attached piping to each.  Then I cut out the side piece and sewed the top and bottom to it, ending up with a big pillowcase.  Below you can see the beginning pieces, the bag filling, and the cushion cover.  Then I put the foamy bag into the new cover.
And gave it the sit test.
As I said - I'm not done.  I need to redistribute the foam a bit and then pull the top down to the bottom in several places, to make the pillow flatter and keep the foam in place.  But I'm done for this weekend on this project.  I can't stand to look at it right now.

Plus - I have another "project" I want to work on this afternoon.  Starting seeds!

I'm a little annoyed with myself.  The weekend's almost all the way gone and I've been working my arse off for virtually all of it.  I'm going to go to work tomorrow feeling like I didn't take any time off.  I hate that feeling.  I think it's time to drastically slow down, relax a bit, and try to wring a little weekend feeling out of this weekend.

Hope yours' are going great!


  1. When my girls were young teens, I was teaching them to sew...and my older daughter was pretty much in tears because things weren't going perfectly. I told her, when it stops being fun, you need to take a break. When my sister heard that she said if her jr. high home ec teacher had told her that she might not HATE sewing anymore! Good for you for undertaking the project, and for knowing when to take a break! BTW, I'm really enjoying your blog!

  2. The new cushion looks great. I know what you mean about not feeling like you have had any time off my weekends are always like that. With warmer weather coming it is only going to get worse for a while but it makes me appreciate all the hard work more when I do get a chance to relax. Have a great week.

  3. Your cushions are going to look amazing. I really like the material. Mine will definitely not be looking so professional.
    My sewing skills are minimal so my plan is to make two pillows then sew them together. Add tie ons to the back of the top pillow so they will stay on the chair. I think it will work ... fingers are crossed. =)

  4. Yeah Shannan - I'm pretty sure that next weekend is going to be nice. I'm definitely not going to want to sew. I'm glad I spent the time now and got it over with.

    Linda - I wouldn't say I enjoy sewing for the sake of sewing. But I do enjoy being able to make *exactly* what I want. Did your daughters turn into happy sewers?

    Penny - if it works and you can comfortably sit on it, that means it's perfect!

  5. I've gotta say: I love the fabric you choose and can see why the piping was important. Looks great!

    We spent some of our weekend setting posts for the chicken run. Things are coming along. Chicks arrive this Friday - I've got their box and heat lamp all ready.

    Come Sunday evening I always find myself asking for another Sunday.

  6. I am sad on Sunday nights often, knowing the weekend is gone, but I used to cry sometimes. Depends on how much you hate your job! Great cushion. And on a rainy weekend, it will make you happy for many sunny ones beyond here!
    I have that 14,000 digital photo project that keeps hanging over my head and it takes me so long so sort and pitch and arrange and send for printing. I am taking a short trip while my hubby takes a golf trip, but I'm starting to think I should have just stayed at my computer those days and got it done!! But then I wouldn't get to some things get done and some things wait!

  7. Thanks guys! Interestingly, I don't really want the dogs to lie on it anymore - so they only have the wool blanket directly on the springs. Uncomfortable!