Monday, March 8, 2010

Spring Forward

We will spring forward this coming Saturday night.  I would resent the hour of sleep I'm going to lose, but it presages the coming of spring and I love everything about that.

Here's a picture I took March 28th, last year, just 3 short weeks from now.

I would take a walk around my yard to celebrate, but there's still a foot of icy snow on it, and I never got around to making those gaiters.  At least I can see what to look forward to - and it's getting closer!

I'm going to start some seeds this week.  But maybe not ... ...  someone has posted a free 12 x 14 chicken coop on craigslist.  If I was the first to respond and the owner picks me - I could be figuring out how to get it down and over to my place this week instead of starting seeds!  It's conveniently on the way home.  Hoping ... hoping...


  1. Spring ahead already?! I'm just starting to enjoy the fact that it's getting light out on my way to work, and now in just four short days, I'll be in the dark again (on the drive I mean, I'm usually in the dark the rest of the time LOL). Great spring photo.

  2. LOL! Yes - but it will be light until 7 or so at night! Now I'll have no excuse not to go outside and do work in the evening. Oh yes - snow is my excuse - for now.

  3. I hope you get your chick condo! and if you don't start your seeds yet, just do it another day. I never ordered some I was going to, so I'm trying to decide if I can still order or if I just need to go to the store. I wanted to start some seed saving and got some seeds from a couple of savers, but there are some other things I'd like to plant and I'm not opposed to buying plants, but I like the feeling of starting the seeds...and I have a light to put them under, although it could cramp my crafty style for a while!! Hey, who has time to craft right now anyway?!!?
    My daughter won her sectionals in Basketball last weekend, so we are off 3 hours one way to Rochester next weekend for a game. I'm hoping I am just riding and then I can knit or something constructive like that!! But after the late night home, I'll miss that extra hour of sleep, too! Can we wait another couple of weeks??

  4. Yea spring!!!

    So for my June travel plans, I'm thinking it would be something like me getting out to your place the evening of the 4th, and then heading back to Ithaca for the rest of the conference the afternoon of the 5th. Would that work for you?

  5. Karen Sue - congrats to your daughter and her team! I haven't heard from the lady, so I'm not getting the warm fuzzies on the coop.

    Linda - that would be rockin' cool! I think the blueberries will be in bloom then. There's a small chance my mother will be here, but I think she's coming the later part of the month, and even if you're both here at the same time, I've got plenty of beds.

  6. Great, I'll keep you posted.