Friday, March 26, 2010

Biggest Vice

Well one of them anyway, after smoking, drinking, using bad words and ending sentences with prepositions.  It's not putting things away.  (Just kidding.  I don't really use bad words...or smoke.)

Here you see the seed starting shelves I bought off craigslist a few months ago for $50.  I just took the innards from the thin, shiny cheap Home Depot light fixture leaning up on the right, and put them into the nice, big, wide white fixture hanging up.  The other big fixture is behind the thin, shiny one.  I don't have any more Home Depot cheapies, but I know where to get one!  Home Depot.  $20.

Everything interchanged pretty easily, except I had to drill 3 holes in the white metal to attach the ballast.  That's some strong stuff!  None of my drill bits would do more than scratch it, so I had to use the masonry bit.  I'll bet that's a big no-no, like using pinking shears to cut cardboard, or using a chisel as a screwdriver.  Shh! - I won't tell if you don't tell.

I was so freakin' proud that it actually worked that I stacked up the tools on the lower tray and decided to call it a night.  That's why my house looks like a freakin' mess!  If the project isn't done done, I'll leave everything out.  I'm going to get to the other light in the next few weeks, so the tools can stay here.  The sewing machine is on the dining room table because that will ensure I don't forget to finish some pillows I started 2 weeks ago.  Etc, etc, etc.  I think I'm being efficient, but then I'm surprised when my place looks like there's 24 projects going on at once!

Oh well.  Enough of the beating up.  I'm going to pat myself on the back for a job well done and then relax.  If I had half a brain I'd relax Friday evening and part of Saturday, too. I doubt I'll be able to do that.


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  2. yeah - we have this thing going right now where everyone is busy called "Stop , Drop & Roll" and there's no fire safety involved. We stop somewhere at home, drop what we have, perhaps pick up something we need for the next thing and roll on out, leaving behind a path of destruction for..the shoe-makers' elves??

  3. Well, there ya go, m'dear! One advantage of living alone. If the "mess" doesn't bother you, there's no one else to complain about it. [Unless, of course, your two cats and two dogs are mitching and boaning about your slovenly ways! :o)]

  4. Unfortunately the mess bothers me. So I'm constantly in a state of embarrasment about how my place looks, even if there's nobody else to see it. Obviously not embarrassed enough to clean it up! I'm going to try to make that all better this weekend.

  5. Me too, Jordan. My places are a mess. I care, but I don't care, carrying two diverse positions with me. So what, I say, and then I think it's not right to expose your guests to discomfort. "Discomfort"? Huh, I say. Just be yourself, kiddo, is the answer I give myself.

    Hey Jordan, you offered once to show me your heating system, because I am trying to decide on what to put in my country place.... I could use your pointers on blueberries. I ordered a lot of plants, coming in April. (Raspberries too!)

  6. OMG Kate - I'm not experienced enough to give advice! You're welcome to come over for a visit though. Let me know when you're thinking - a weekend day is probably better, since many of the blueberries are not very near the house.